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Friday, May 4th 2012

4:35 AM

Top bbs kdz


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From: Chris Johns
Subject: Cruelty to Children 2Usual rules apply, the same as Chapter 1.For you sex hounds, this chapter will still give you no satisfaction. Just
a gradual build up of the story line
Cruelty to Children Chapter 2 - I Start Work
I joined an organisation that took in children that had been abused, it was
divided into two sections, boys and girls. I don't pretend to understand
girls so I was more than pleased to go to the boys section which made me
almost autonomous. No supervision and virtually no interference as long as
I produced results, I did. I also worked in schools talking to the kids
about child abuse and sex. I used to tell them about two boys who loved
each other and elwebbs tgp little how one misguided boy covered up the abuse his friend
suffered, and how that friend had died of his injuries visited on him by
his father."You aren't ratting on your friend if you try to protect him from harm. I
didn't and I now have a huge emptiness in my heart that no one will ever
fill because I let him suffer the abuse instead of helping him."In one class of fourteen year olds one boy who picked up that I was the boy
who had loved his friend but let him die, asked me,"Are you a faggot Doc?""No boy, you don't have to be a faggot to love another boy. Matt was my
best friend from my first day at school until the day dark bbs new he died. I guess we
were both such straight guys we never even jacked off together."There were a few sniggers around the class."Lots of straight boys have circle jerks, most of my other buddies used to
but it didn't make them gay and a little sexual experimentation with
friends won't make you gay either, just naturally curious about your
bodies.""What about blowjobs and butt fucking Doc?" Ouch! No finesse about that
question."What about it?""If you do any of those things that would make you gay wouldn't it?""Not necessarily, some men have anal intercourse with women so doing it
with men, even as an adult wouldn't have to make you gay. Sucking another
guy's penis, as an experiment with a friend wouldn't teens nude bbs
either. If you don't
explore your sexuality you may not find out who you really are until you
have wasted a lot of your life trying to be something you aren't. (Huh,
wasn't I a good one to talk.) Alternative life styles can be hard to live
with but if you are gay, or bi, or russian cp bbs anything else, it's you, it's how God
made you. Be proud of yourself, don't let anyone make you feel less than
you are. uncensored porn bbs I had gay friends in college who were proud to be gay, most of
them were filled with compassion for their fellow man. Several of them
helped me put my life back together after Matt died.""I don't think my parents would think like you do Doc." That was another
regular comment."Look guys, we have to wrap this up now but if you take down my name and
telephone numbers if you want to talk about this more in private give me a
call."That was how I usually finished most sessions because from age ten upward
most of these kids were curious as hell and I never had the time to answer
all their questions.I was in my second year at the centre, fast approaching thirty when my life
changed again. I had worked so hard to be the best at my job, for Matt. I
hadn't realised how lonely I had become. I had a nice apartment and a hot
car, my salary was adequate without being generous but I also had a trust
fund. Mum and Dad had set it up for me and it gave me some extra income
and of course I could go home to get some quality cuddles from mum and dad
and serious feelings of being loved from both of them.I was writing up some notes on a couple of ongoing cases one afternoon when
there was a knock on my door. I called for them Baby pics pedo bbs to enter and a fourteen
year old who had been so full of questions a couple of weeks previous came
in looking a bit nervous."Hi, come on in, Kevin isn't it?""Yeah that's right Doc, but how come you remember?""I never forget a boy who is a thinker. You asked so many questions I knew
you were.""If bbs kid nude photos I tell you something will you promise to never tell anyone I told you?""Of course, I'm a doctor, patient /doctor information is confidential.""I'm not the patient Doc but I think a school mate might be. He's not a
close friend like you and Matt were but I like him and I think top bbs kdz his dad is
abusing him. I'm pretty certain he's gay and I think his dad beats him up
because of it."This kid was definitely not a run of the mill fourteen year old. He
remembered everything and was observant."Go on Kevin, why would you think that?""He's like Matt was, he never strips for gym or sport and he always looks
to be in pain. The reason I think he's gay is because he dropped his
backpack one-day and I saw a magazine fall out that had naked men in it. He
covered it up quickly but when he knew I had seen it his eyes appealed to
me to say nothing, of course I didn't, in my school he would have been
slaughtered.""What's this boy's name Kevin?"He looked embarrassed."It's sun bbs toplist ok I'll be discreet.""It's not that Doc, his name is Matt."I gulped and I couldn't stop the tears reaching my eyes, they never fell
but it was a close call.Kevin searched my face, obviously saw the anguish."I'm really sorry Doc but I think he needs your help.""Thank you Kevin, I guess it still forbidden bbs thumbs
hurts."I opened my desk draw and pulled out a photo of two laughing boys in their
mid teens and showed it to Kevin."Oh shit Doc, this gets worse, I'm really sorry."What on earth was the matter with this boy? I stared at him."This Matt, and your Matt, they look like twins. I mean seriously like two
peas in a pod."I was speechless, was this kid for real, I had heard that everyone has a
double but wasn't overly convinced of it. When I regained the power of
speech I picked up a pen and spoke."You had better give me as many details as you can, full name, address,
age."I got them all down and asked fubar62 bbs ls Kevin for his details as well especially
telephone and cell numbers. My next action was a meeting with the
headmaster of the school. I told him what I knew and asked for a suggestion
as to how we could see this boy's body. It was decided that the next time
they had an opportunity to play sport in the rain the coach would do it and
then insist that the boys strip for showers.
You get to meet the new Matt next chapter, he's a little darling so I hope
you enjoy.
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Friday, May 4th 2012

12:00 AM

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